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Consumer Litigation Attorney

Swartz│Davidson Law represents and protects consumers battling harassment and rights violations from overzealous creditors, credit bureaus, car dealerships, and 3rd party debt collectors.


Consumer Protection attorneys help individuals by finding ways to hold companies’ feet to the fire. Whether its a demand letter, a deposition, discovery, or in-person in court, a good Consumer Protection attorney is your sword and your shield.

Auto Fraud & Wrongful Repos

Repossessions, “yo-yo” financing, material misrepresentations to get you into a car, dealerships’ hidden fees…there are so many unfair and deceptive practices in the auto sales industry. If you were treated unfairly by an auto dealer or an auto finance company, we can help.


Collection Harassment

You may be surprised what folks can get away with…but they may be surprised with what they can’t. Incessant phone calls, calls to work and family and friends, calls at all times of the day or night, and other unconscionable collection tactics are commonplace in a world where their aim is your pocketbook. We may be able to help you stop them.

Debt Settlement Company Claims

Have you signed up with a debt settlement firm? Did they deliver on their verbal, advertised, or written promises?Many debt settlement companies are veiled scams designed to skim their take off the top and keep you paying as long as practicably possible. If you are being ripped off by a debt settlement company, Swartz│Davidson Law team of attorneys can help.

Credit/Credit Reporting

The credit reporting agencies (aka, CRAs, more commonly known as ‘bureaus’) can generally be sued for two (2) reasons: failure to conduct a reasonable re-investigation and failure to have reasonable procedures in place to ensure maximum possible accuracy.

These may be terms of art, but they have an important meaning when applied to your particular situation. When something remains on your credit report when it shouldn’t, despite your best efforts to have it removed, its time to lawyer-up to ensure your credit report best reflects your creditworthiness.

Protect your rights; Fight good fights.

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