Jena - Swartz│Davidson Law
Attorney Jenafer “Jena” Davidson has been licensed in the State of Texas since 2013. Born in Ft Worth, raised in the Rio Grande Valley, with a bachelor’s degree from Tarleton State, studied abroad in Dublin Ireland and her law degree from the University of Tulsa, Attorney Jena Davidson brings a wealth of knowledge and varying perspectives to her practice, adding a sharp wit and intellectual diversity.

After law school Jena came back home to Texas and learned the path you are on can change in an instant you’ve got to adapt and keep moving forward. She started out working in the oil and gas industry running title in Ohio and Texas before moving to a business and civil litigation firm. Attorney Jena is a former Regional Director of a multi-state law firm for the Dallas-Ft.Worth area. Since 2017, her firm focuses on fighting for clients that haven’t gotten a fair shake or otherwise need assistance navigating legal obstacles from traffic tickets and occupational licenses to felony criminal charges.

Jena also assists clients to prepare for the moments in life when they will need to lean on the assistance of their loved ones, ensuring that when the time comes the paperwork is the least of concern.